Salvaging Pot Stickers

BurnedPotstickersSo do you ever have one of those days where everything goes wrong, including the dinner that you’ve made perfectly 100 times before? This happened to my roommate last night. She was in the mood for one of her quick go-tos, Trader Joe’s vegetable pot stickers. So, she prepared them how she always prepares them and for some reason, this time, they got scorched. And I mean like, open the window the smoke alarm is going off scorched. Bummer (and kind of hilarious). Even though she was laughing, the roommate was not quite in the mood for me to turn this into a blogging opportunity (which, clearly I have). So, we collectively came up with a list of things that could be done with these scorched pot stickers. After all, the starving artist is nothing if not resourceful.

Solutions for scorched pot stickers. By Dave and Anna.

1. Go f*** yourself.

2. Take a knife and attempt to scrape off the burned edges. After the third pot sticker falls apart into a messy, charred pile, dissolve into tears while realizing just how alone you are.

3. Scoop out the filling from each of the stickers and discard any burned portions of the shell. Mush all of them into a patty. Fry both sides (this time without burning) and eat with the sticker sauce. Or, instead of a patty, just simply toss with shredded cabbage, lettuce, green onion, and the sauce, and enjoy a light lovely meal.

4. After realizing the stickers are scorched, calmly turn off the heat and leave the stickers in the pan. Go to Chipotle.

The End.

Happy Friday, everyone!!

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7 responses to “Salvaging Pot Stickers

  1. Sometimes this happens. To the best of us even. :( I call it, “Chef’s Amnesia” – I don’t know WHY this happens, but I suspect (at least in my case) it has something to do with internally not being as enthused about cooking a particular thing (or falsely feeling a craving for it) as one might lead oneself to believe. I recently did this with 2 beautiful pieces of swai fish (similar to tilapia but much cheaper, and also at Trader Joe’s), sauteeing them in a latin-flavored base of sofrito, olives, tomatoes, peppers and shredded onions, for fish tacos….they came out bland, rubbery, dry and horrible. I don’t know what the fuck was wrong with me that night – but I chalk it up to the fact that deep down, I had wanted to make them the night before (and other events changed that) and when I did finally make it, I wasn’t even inspired to cook that night at all – I secretly wanted a night off, and to be taken out to dinner anyway! :P

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