Who am I?

Hello!!! I’m Dave and I am The Starving Artist. I’m a creative professional living and working as a freelancer in Los Angeles. I make my living as a composer for films, media, and the occasional work for the concert hall. Like a true artist, I take inspiration from all parts of my life: my neighborhood, my travels, the people I meet, the things I experience… When I’m not writing music, the first place I go to express myself is my kitchen. If music is my passion, then food is my mistress. I have been cooking for myself and my friends in tiny kitchens on tiny budgets for years. My creative nature combined with my frugal lifestyle have spawned a plethora of clever, wholesome dishes that won’t break the bank yet don’t skimp on style. From quick and fulfilling comfort food, to inventive ways to be vegan, to shameless calorie-laden indulgences, I do it all. Hell, I’ve even lost 60 pounds over the course of 20 months and I’ve never once gone bored or hungry, nor have I ever turned to weight loss shakes or diet plans.

I recently realized that I needed an outlet for expressing my creative mistress. I mean, one can’t really write music about food. And so was born this blog. Here you will find a chronicle of the recipes I come up with in my day-to-day life – you never know what will inspire me next. And the best part is that I am making this sh*t up as I go, which means you can too! In all of my recipes you’ll find suggestions for switching out ingredients and changing things up – all meant to inspire you to be creative in your own kitchen. Want more of a particular ingredient? Put it in! Don’t like something? Take it out! Remember, unless you’re baking, all ingredients are optional. Use what you like and do not apologize.

In addition to recipes, I’ll be posting reports and reviews on my culinary discoveries around town and in my travels. I’ll also be doing a series on my weight-loss journey – I’ll be talking about what progress I’ve made, how I’ve made it, and what battles I am still fighting. You can even watch me cook on my YouTube channel. Fun, sass-filled episodes bound to make you laugh and give you some great ideas.

And as a starving artist I of course want to share my artist side, too. Every Thursday I’ll be posting a musical interlude that will include a music track along with the story behind it. You’ll also be hearing about my adventures in LA in the summer to venues that allow me to combine food and music like the Hollywood Bowl and Cinespia Cemetery screenings.

So please, read, subscribe, share, and most importantly get inspired! Thanks for stopping by!

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