No Fuss S’mores Brûlée

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love crème brûlée. I also don’t know anyone who wants to take the time to make it. Custard? Time consuming. Baking ramekins in a water bath? Please. Instead I’ve come up with a perfect starving artist solution: s’mores. When using my new kitchen torch to make the Peeps s’mores from my last recipe post, I started thinking about crème brûlée and the idea of combining the two hit me. All you have to do is prep the layers, fill the ramekin, and torch it. 10 minutes, no baking, no custard-making, and voila, a delicious and elegant treat that no one will be able to resist. In fact I may or may not have made this every day for the past week.

Don’t own any ramekins? Use cereal bowls. Or better yet, double the recipe and make a huge one in a pie plate. Don’t have a kitchen torch? Stash it under your broiler for a minute or two.

Smores Brûlée (Recipe PDF)

Peeps S’mores

Before ----------------- After

Ever wonder what to do with all those horrid, crusty, pastel leftovers from Easter? Look no further. I personally hate Peeps, as do many of my friends. But, if you use your kitchen torch to make s’mores out of them, it’s a whole new ball game. The sugar coating caramelizes and forms a crisp exterior housing warm, gooey marshmallow. And who can say no to toasted marshmallow?

I microwaved the whole thing for about 10 seconds to give it a head start. Then I roasted it with my torch, and topped it with another graham. Best s’more ever! If you don’t have a torch, stash it under your broiler for a minute or two. Or, for more fun, skewer the Peep with a chopstick and roast it over your stovetop (this requires a gas stove, of course). Instant campfire! But be careful… you want a campfire, not a house fire.

Dessert Oatmeal

So the other day I was milling around my kitchen looking for a late night sweet. I generally don’t keep dessert items like ice cream and cookies in my house simply because I will eat them… all of them. So really I was search for something sweet that wouldn’t make me hate myself, which of course had me stumped… until I noticed the old fashioned oats sitting on top of my fridge. It occurred to me that if oatmeal is often prepared as a sweet and hearty breakfast, why can’t it also be a dessert? Hell, everyone loves oatmeal cookies. So, with the help of some ingredients I had laying around my kitchen, Dessert Oatmeal was born. Cooked in almond milk and maple syrup and finished with almond butter, chocolate chips, and nuts, this hearty on-the-fly dessert will satisfy your late night cravings with minimal guilt.

Dessert Oatmeal (Recipe PDF)