A Quest for Raw Milk

by thestarvingartistfood

So after reading the article I told you about in my post Rawesome, I began reading all these testimonials and facts about raw dairy products and decided, you know what, I need to try this. I did some searching on google (and by searching I mean I typed in “raw milk los angeles”) and found a creamery called Organic Pastures that sells nothing but raw products – milk, cheese, butter, eggs, etc. Not only do they ship to anywhere in California, they actually run what they call a “hub” where you can go to a designated location and buy products right off the back of their trucks. It is the absolute cheapest way to purchase raw products and it just so happens the hub is located in my old neighborhood in Los Angeles – about 10 minutes from where I live, right off San Fernando in Glendale. I called the company and they told me it operates 10am – 2pm on Saturday. Hot damn that’s tomorrow! So, I got up on Saturday, got my cooler, filled it with ice, and started driving. On the way I was thinking how lucky I am to live in a place like SoCal where such products are both legal and easily attainable. As I turned down the dead end street where the hub was located, I couldn’t help but feel a little… criminal. Here I am driving down this fairly unkempt, deserted, industrial street… to buy milk. Weird. I spotted the trucks parked in a fenced-off lot, so I parked my car on the street, walked through the hole in the gate meant for pedestrians, got up to the trucks. They were empty. Both of them. One of the smaller vans was plugged in and running, but there were no people to be found – no employees, no nothing. As I stood there perplexed I saw a man park behind me and start walking towards me. He asked if I was with the company and I said no I’m here to buy and no one seems to be here. He then pointed out a tiny little note written on the back of an envelope that I didn’t notice on my way in:

You’ve got to be shitting me. I JUST spoke to them the day before and they didn’t say a word to me. I went on the website and read this report. You can read the details, but the long and short of it is that due to an outbreak of non-serious illness caused by various raw milk products in California, Organic Pastures had to have numerous samples tested by the state. Of all the tests they did, one raw cream sample came back positive for a certain bacteria, but law states they have to recall all their products, hence no milk to sell. Bummer. On the one hand I am glad that such precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of these products. I mean I am all for natural, but there is still a “right way” to handle them. On the other hand, clearly OP knows what they’re doing. It’s a shame they have to be held under such scrutiny. Who knew it would be so difficult to buy milk? But, fear not readers, I have not given up. When I do get my hands on some I plan to blog about how I like it and any changes I notice in my health. Until then, more fun and recipes coming your way this week.

Everyone enjoying the weekend? Don’t forget to call your mom!!

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Josh L. May 13, 2012 - 3:31 pm

Its a wonder you were even able to find raw milk. Its HEAVILY regulated in the US. This episode of Good Eats talks about the issue pretty well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JajHiqD5wo

The Starving Artist May 14, 2012 - 1:05 pm

LOVE THIS – Good Eats is my favorite show of all time. It’s true that many states still don’t allow people to sell it at all – I was very surprised to find that Vermont is one of them. I feel lucky to be in California. Hopefully Organic Pastures will be back online soon. Thanks for the comment!


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