Last Week’s Weigh-in: 225
Today’s Weigh-in:         217

So I’m one week into bootcamp and overall, I’m feeling pretty amazing. For starters I should tell you that though I’m labeling this number “today’s weigh-in”, I actually weigh myself every single day and have to write it on my food journal before I hand it in every morning. This may seem like a lot of weighing, but their reasoning is that this number provides information. Let’s be serious, with this much exercise, if our numbers aren’t steadily going down, then clearly we are doing something wrong with our diet. So if our numbers go up or even hold steady, they can look at our food journals, identify what might be the problem, make some adjustments, and we can continue to move forward. At first I thought this was crazy – on the scale every day?? I can’t possibly be showing results on a day to day basis, there are so many factors that could effect the numbers, etc, etc… but then I realized two things. One, if I’m doing this correctly, the numbers SHOULD go down every day. Two, it’s remarkable how much more you are held accountable when you know you have to get on that scale every morning. Suddenly that tiny sliver of cheesecake doesn’t seem like such a good idea… And I’m not gonna lie, with all the time, money, and effort I’m putting into this, I WANT to see those numbers drop.

Now I know what you’re thinking – you’ve lost 8 pounds in a week – isn’t that TOO much? Maybe, but the truth is I have actually been struggling with my numbers since my first trial bootcamp at the end of November. Even though I was doing all this exercise and I could actually see and feel myself getting thinner, my number was holding steady. I felt like I had lost 15 pounds, but according to the scale it was only 5. Wtf? As I alluded to previously, regardless of how much you’ve done and whatever results you’ve seen on your body, there is something about seeing that number change that really validates all you are doing. It’s what allows you to say “oh I’ve lost x number of pounds,” it’s the reinforcement that lightens your step and makes you feel like you’ve conquered the earth. And I wasn’t getting it.

This week I made an important re-discovery about what works for me in my diet. Since beginning my journey at this particular fitness studio I’ve been focused on avoiding gluten – wheat, flour, etc. This is a good practice since things like pasta and bread just pack on the pounds almost instantaneously, particularly for someone who battles with digestive issues. So while I was focused on avoiding gluten, I was allowing myself to use meat (canned fish, turkey patties, etc) to fill in the blanks. This week, amidst my frustration, I was thinking back to several years ago when I dropped a ton of weight. I was actually eating gluten, but what I had cut out was meat. And it hit me – all this canned fish and meat I’d been leaning on was actually holding me up. So I stopped. Wednesday I was at 222. On Saturday, after three days of avoiding meat and canned fish, 218. Today, 217. Hallelujah. This is why it is so important to know what works best for your body.

While I accept that the 8 pound loss this week may have been my body playing catch up for weight I lost weeks ago, I’ll still take it as a supremely exciting turn of events. Let’s see what next week brings!

Happy Monday!

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