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Welcome to a new weekly tradition I’m starting – “Musical Interlude.” Since I have the “starving” part of my blog covered, I want to make sure I represent the artist side as well. So, each week I’ll be posting a different track of mine from soundcloud and sharing the story behind it. Sometimes the track will be brand new, sometimes it will be from years ago – I’m going to change it up and keep it interesting.

This week I’m sharing Mad Dance. This is one of the first serious pieces of music I completed and had professionally performed. Written in 2007 while in graduate school at the Aaron Copland School of Music, it was and still is one of the few times I named a piece after completing it. Living in the world of film and visuals (even before I was actually writing for film), the inspiration and hence the title would always be first, then the music would come flowing from that idea. For this piece, the opening motif came to me without any pretense and the rest of the piece came tumbling out thereafter. I ended up completing it in less than two weeks. This live recording is from the original premiere performance in 2007 – still by far the best one I have. Even now, six years later, I still love it. Reminds me of all the fond memories I have of my wonderful teacher Bruce Saylor, my fellow music colleagues, and living in NYC. Sigh. Hope you enjoy!

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throve February 17, 2013 - 12:55 pm

Beautiful. Love it.


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