Coffee and Swine

by thestarvingartistfood

I never feel more hip than when I’m hanging out at the Bourgeois Pig on Franklin and Tamarind. Maybe I’m biased because it’s in my neighborhood, but there is something about the atmosphere at this place that I find chill, yet electric. Adorned with mismatched tables, chairs, and sofas, all from various eras of dรฉcor, it oozes hipster in the best possible way. Deep blue walls are covered in retro artwork and huge ornate mirrors. A pool table sits in the middle of the back area and off of that there is a forest room. Yes, a moonlit forest room complete with foliage, cushioned seating amongst tree trunks, and a hobbit tree-cave where people write confessions on scraps of paper and stuff them into one of the tiny little drawers hanging on the cave’s wall. Honestly it’s worth visiting the shop just to see this room. ย And somehow all of this melds beautifully into an environment that is relaxed and unassuming…yet aware.

I don’t drink coffee (don’t judge me), so I can’t speak about the quality of their brews. However, I can say that they have an impressive tea selection, including PG Tips, which is a favorite in England and apparently everyone who goes in there. They also make killer ice blended mochas, which are gigantic frosty treats made with espresso and chocolate. Apparently they have a kitchen, but lets not kid ourselves, this is the kind of place where I sit at a table with my laptop pretending to appear indifferent while I write my latest screenplay when really I’m just gawking at the endless stream of indescribably beautiful men that pour into this establishment. Clearly not a time to be eating.

In all honesty I love doing work here and always manage to be productive – I call it the starving artist cubicle. The chairs are rigid and will render your legs stiff and your ass numb. You’ll have to put on a jacket because you always seem to be sitting under the effing air conditioning. But you’ll be so thrilled and inspired to be sitting in such a unique space that you’ll overlook it. Being the bashful creature that I am, I’m on a first name basis with most of the baristas and make it a point to converse and sometimes even exchange cards with whoever is sitting at my table. So whether you want a friendly neighborhood coffee shop or a brooding, dimly lit place to disappear and show everyone just how trendy and deep you really are, you will find both (and everything in between) at the Pig.

Bourgeois Pig
5931 Franklin Ave
Los Angeles 90068


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The Blonde Cuban | The Starving Artist September 25, 2013 - 3:24 pm

[…] artist thing and got a night job working as a barista at a local hipster coffee hang known as the Bourgeois Pig. I have to say, I really lucked out. The shop is literally on the same block as my apartment. I […]


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