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by thestarvingartistfood

Before I shuffle off to eat turkey legs and flirt with men in costume at the Ren Faire, I thought I should tell you about the fantastic dinner I had Friday night at Franklin and Company on, you guessed it, Franklin Street. This restaurant happens to be the newest addition to the funky and popular strip known as Franklin Village. One day there was an Italian restaurant named Prizzi’s that had been in business for 25 years. The next day it was boarded up and closed. Two months later the tavern was open and it has been packed ever since.

And for good reason – it’s boasting high class pub food and a sizable beer selection right next door to the Upright Citizens Brigade improv theatre. Comedy and tavern food – what could be better? This place is actually right in my neighborhood (I love where I live) and so I’ve been here a few times. Admittedly it’s the kind of place I really like to spend, so I make it a special occasion. But I will say they have plenty of small plates and appetizers that could easily make it a $10-15 night (provided you don’t drink – ha).

I had been wanting to try the Scotch Egg and this night we finally did it. Hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage, bread crumbs, and deep fried. Ridiculous. I usually get a sandwich. Last time was the Alaskan Cod Po Boy – outstanding. This time was the pulled barbecue chicken. Also quite good. My friends all got entrees and they were all very satisfied. We ate outside, flirted mercilessly with the waiter, drank, ate, and had a glorious time. Then we got in line for the theatre and saw two hilarious shows at UCB for $10. Now THAT is a starving artist kind of show. They have ones for as little as $5 or even free.

I will say it gets quite packed here on the weekends and they do not take reservations, so you should plan to get there before 730 or plan to wait for a table. I can’t lie, I am totally biased when it comes to my neighborhood – I love the atmosphere of all the places on my block. But I can honestly say you’re in for a good time and a good meal at the tavern.

Franklin and Company
5923 Franklin Avenue
Los Angeles‎ CA‎ 90068


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