Quick Slow-Cooked Black Beans

by thestarvingartistfood

Does anyone ever get a craving for something rich and hearty that usually takes hours if not days to make, but the mere thought of having to assemble the ingredients, never mind cook it, causes you to immediately get over it and throw something in the microwave instead? I feel that way often… particularly about beans. Black beans. I love black beans. Those thick, slow cooked black beans you find in really good Mexican restaurants. But come on, soaking beans over night? Slow cooking on the stove top for hours? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good day-long cooking project, but I want black beans right now. Starving artist to the rescue. I came up with a clever way to turn a can of black beans into a thick, flavorful, slow-cooked concoction in no time flat. The secret? A potato masher. Seriously. What makes slow cooking any beans so amazing is the slow release of starch into the cooking liquid. You can replicate this by gently mashing your beans until it thickens. Serve over rice and you have dinner for less than $2. Perfect for those weeks where you’re selling your body to make rent. Or even in college when you’re feeling too cheap, drunk, and lazy to put any effort into eating something other than microwave popcorn and Bud Light. This also makes a great burrito filling or a side dish for the Rustic Veggie Patties I shared earlier this week. And hell you can double the recipe and feed your roommate. The starving artist has you covered, baby!

Quick Black Beans (Recipe PDF)

Artists, you know those body-selling weeks I’m talking about. What creative ways have you eaten to survive when money was tight?

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