So I told you I had a plan for that leftover pork and brown rice. Well here it is. This is one of my favorite uses for short grain brown rice. I have actually converted a decent number of brown rice believers with this recipe. And really, all this is is a stir fry. You can use whatever vegetables and meat (or not) that floats your boat. What makes this a special recipe is that I grate in a lot of fresh ginger at the very end and let it permeate the entire stir fry. It’s so yummy and so good for you, just be mindful of how much oil you’re using. Also don’t forget that just because you’re eating brown rice doesn’t mean you should eat five servings of it. It’s still rice, it’s still carbs, and so it still counts.

This was a hard recipe to type up since there are a lot of steps, but basically you just want make sure everything gets the opportunity to cook through. If you don’t own a wok, then this recipe may not be for you. I got my wok as a christmas present years ago. Such a great gift. If you decide to purchase one, because it is NOT non-stick. You’ll have to season it, but it will be so worth it. Enjoy!

Ginger Stir Fry (Recipe PDF)


Little Sis August 3, 2012 - 7:09 pm

The short grain brown rice secret!! I made my husband a brown rice convert with short grain and I’m going to try to get my father on board in a few days… wish me luck. Perhaps some pork and ginger will help him. 🙂

The Starving Artist August 4, 2012 - 1:44 pm

darling, pork and ginger always helps 😉


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