Grilled PB & J

by thestarvingartistfood

So I was feeling in the mood for something a bit indulgent, but I was not in the mood to buy anything that would inevitably cause me to overindulge. I wanted to indulge while maintaining my self respect – always important. The local gourmet has grilled cheeses on Wednesday nights, but one of those were not in the budget for me this week (despite how gooey and delicious they are). At home I had a loaf of bread in the fridge… but I was in the mood for something sweet. And besides I had no cheese. Further perusing of the fridge revealed a jar of organic peanut butter as well as a jar of blackberry preserves. Grilled PB & J? I think so. The only thing different from making a regular grilled cheese (that is, in a cast iron skillet with plenty of butter) is that once each side was sufficiently browned and buttery, I sprinkled on some cinnamon and sugar, flipped it over, and cooked it for an additional minute just to caramelize the sugar a bit and blend in the flavor. Not gonna lie, it was absolutely outstanding – a true starving artist treat. I could do an entire week of posts on creative grilled sandwiches… but for the good of my health and well being I’m going to stop here… for now.

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