Super Easy Tzatziki

Looking for something to top those veggie patties I posted earlier? Hell are you just looking for a fresh, healthy dip that you can put on EVERYTHING? Look no further.

One of the first rules of the starving artist is to never buy anything in the store that you can make better and cheaper yourself… unless you don’t feel like making it. BUT, one thing that I never EVER cheat on is tzatziki sauce – Greek dip made with yogurt and cucumber. Not only is it one of the freshest, most delicious, most versatile sauces you will ever make, it takes literally five minutes to whip together with your food processor. Even if you don’t have a food processor and you do all the mincing/chopping yourself, you’ll only be adding an extra 5 minutes to the process. So. Worth. It.

And believe me when I tell you, this can go on anything: turkey burgers, wraps, raw veggies, chili, tacos, roasted vegetables, wraps, sandwiches, steak, chicken, lamb – the list is endless. Use it as a healthy substitute for mayonnaise or sour cream. I seriously eat it by the spoonful. I would not steer you wrong!

Dave’s Tzatziki Sauce (Recipe PDF)

What do you put tzatziki on?

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14 responses to “Super Easy Tzatziki

  1. I am big into healthy sauces and ways to dress up the same old thing. Have never made this before – looking forward to trying it! Thanks.

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